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Veritas Collagen Matrix
Since 2001 Veritas® Collagen Matrix has been used in more than 10,000 procedures including hernia repairs, plastic and reconstructive surgeries, and pelvic floor procedures.


  • The right material – Exceptional strength, excellent handling and convenience 1,2
  • Allows for natural healing – rapidly revascularized and repopulated by surrounding host tissue 2,3
  • Confidence in your results

Confidence at the repair site
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2. Oray, N A Lambert, R Wonsetler and D Mooradian (Synovis). Abstract: Physical and biochemical characterization of a novel non-cross-linked, propylene oxide-treated acellular collagen matrix; comparison with solvent-extracted and freeze-dried cadaveric fascia lata; presented at 17th annual meeting of the society for urology and engineering, Inc., May 2002, Orlando, FL
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