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Soft Tissue Repair
Surgeons asked for an ideal patch material that manages the physical, structural and biological challenges of soft tissue repair.

More than 800,000 units of Synovis’
Soft Tissue Repair products have been sold.

Synovis’ portfolio of soft tissue repair products offers a unique combination of characteristics to help surgeons manage those challenges:

  • Bovine pericardium mimics the characteristics of autologous tissue, is easily accepted by the body and resists infection 1,2,3
  • Multi-directional collagen fibers provide strength in a pliable autologous nature
  • Proven history – over 20 years of improving patient outcomes and surgical efficiencies 2

Confidence at the repair site
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2. Gaertner, WB, M Bonsack, J Delaney. Experimental Evaluation of Four Biologic Prosthesis for Ventral Hernia Repair; J Gastrointest Surg; July 2007
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