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Synovis chose bovine pericardium, a pliable naturally crosslinked extracellular matrix sheet, more than 20 years ago as the ideal material for its’ tissue platforms. Surgeons around the world have successfully used Synovis products with confidence.

Bovine pericardium, an extracellular matrix, is a natural choice for xenographic implantation with exceptional inherent qualities.

  • Multi-directional collagen fibers (strong)
  • Natural low cellularity (biocompatible)
  • Categorized as “no detectable infectivity” regarding TSE/BSE (safe) 1
  • Mimics the handling characteristics of autologous tissue (easy to use)
  • Large contiguous sheet (multiple size options)
  • No unpleasant odor
  • Minimal elastin content
Synovis is committed to the highest level of safety and adheres to recommendations made by international experts and governing bodies. Synovis’ stringent sourcing and manufacturing procedures also help ensure the quality and safety of our products. The microbiologic safety of our bovine pericardium products is based on:

  • Type of material
    • Categorized as “no detectable infectivity”
  • Processing technique
    • Treated with sodium hydroxide, a technique described as an effective method to reduce or inactivate the prion
  • Source
    • Only USDA approved cattle less than 30 months of age
    • Only intact pericardial sacs are used
1. European Pharmacopoeia General Chapter 5.2.8, Section 3.3
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